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Leading by example through tough and uncertain times.

Dear MiNiAnCa community,

As we come together during this uncertain time, it is more crucial than ever that each and every one of us leads by example.

We’ve compiled a list of actions you can take today (and every day) to help make a difference in and for your community while staying safe:

1. Take care of yourself

You will not be able to support anyone else if you get sick so make sure to eat healthily, get enough sleep and avoid stress. Practice self-care and mindfulness exercises. Spend time with your loved ones, do something you love and focus on the positive and good you can do.

2. Take care of others

Care for your direct household members and check with your neighbors if there is anyone who needs assistance with daily errands. A small favor such as shopping for their groceries or medication can make a big difference in their lives and health.Practice extreme caution with the elderly or pre-conditioned. Keep washing and sanitizing your hands and everything you touch. Do not touch your face or others’.

3. Practice social-distancing without disconnecting

Now is the time to be there for others – by physically not being there.

Practice social distancing while staying virtually connected to your loved ones and community. We have all the technology in the world to keep us connected and do good without putting anyone at risk.

4. Support local food banks and shelters

Just in Los Angeles county alone, there are over 58,000 homeless people who have limited access to clean water, restricted personal space as well as a more critical health status than the general public. Click the links for a directory of food banks and shelters. Also, support foundations that protect people from evictions, such as the Resident Relief Foundation.

5. Support your local Red Cross

Just like in Los Angeles, many local Red Cross organizations are providing opportunities for volunteers to help distribute food to those in need.

Also, blood supplies will be in danger of being depleted. And blood donations are still a very safe thing to do so please donate if you can.

6. Support your local restaurants, shops, and event organizations

Continue to order take-out or delivery from your local restaurants and shops.

If you have a travel agent or event rental company you work with, see if you can make a booking for a date in late 2020 and make a down-payment to support them financially during this crisis.

We will continue to update this list.

Please share this article with your families, friends, and networks and add your ideas in the comments sections.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!