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Meet Wendy Levine, Founder of The Beauty Bus Foundation.

Learn how Wendy and her team of Beauty Ambassadors and professionals are making a difference in the lives of the seriously ill and their caregivers.



@Michelson Found Animals Foundation

Meet Aimee, the Executive Director of the Michelson Found Animals Foundation and Adopt & Shop boutiques in Los Angeles.

Learn more about how animal lover Aimee got involved with the foundation, what her wishes are for the future of animal wellbeing and how you can help make a difference in a pet's life.




Meet Tami Pardee, Founder of Life Change Warriors and CEO of Halton Pardee, the #1 women owned Real Estate team in Los Angeles.

Learn how Tami and her team of engaged Life Coaches are making a difference by helping others star in a life they love.


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