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Bringing together those who make the world a better & happier place. 🙏

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"The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion." - Paulo Coelho

At MiNiAnCa, we believe that every single one of us has the ability to make this world a better place and we exist to inspire and connect like-minded in the collective pursuit of making a difference.

With a deep desire to help this world (re)connect, MiNiAnCa provides a platform for extraordinary individuals and organizations and an engaged community to connect and exchange.

Aside from events, services and products created directly by MiNiAnCa, our focus is to feature inspiring and uplifting stories of incredible humans, organizations, products, and events that help make the world better - and that YOU can be a part of!

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MiNiAnCa Events

MiNiAnCa Events

MiNiAnCa's Event Excellence Team creates unforgettable experiences for yourself and your guests.

Check out "MiNiAnCa Events" for all the event magic we create.

Live Your Design

MiNiAnCa believes in the science and power of Human Design and living as your TRUE SELF.

Check out "Live Your Design" for more information on Human Design.

MiNiAnCa x

MiNiAnCa loves inspiring and uplifting stories of individuals, organizations, products and events.

Check out "MiNiAnCa X ..." for our latest features and stories.



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Connect with a community of individuals and companies who strive every day to make the world a better place - with their words, their actions, their products and their mindset!⁣
Get inspired by the unique stories of the people and companies we feature. Learn about the products we introduce and mingle with like-minded at the events we make you aware of!⁣
“We believe that everyone has the ability to make this world a better place and that if you stand up for what you believe in - even if at first you stand alone - you will never stand alone for long.”⁣⁣
Do you share our beliefs?


Join the community and help us make the world a better and happier place!⁣⁣

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